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National Hotline+8613202052992

Yu Cheng Introduction

Cheng Yu Guangzhou fountain spray irrigation Engineering Limited is a company specializing in urban water features musical fountain planning, design and construction of the integrated enterprise. Yu Cheng fountain was established in 2008, the company since its inception, has been committed to the highest quality in Guangdong fountain design and construction units and Fountain Equipment manufacturers, the company has accumulated nearly a hundred employees ...

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Cold fog humidification equipm
For manufactured in a different environment landscape fountains, we can increase the skills in high-tech machinery and rotating equipment in the liquidity of large effect, for the high-pressure bearing system can improve the flow of the pipeline...
Learn cool mist spray equipmen
Increase in dynamic fountain decorative landscape design line specifications, it can increase the pressure in the water more clear view large fountain can be increased in different technical engineering degree to use a greater contraction durabili...
Musical fountain design compan
Environmental recycling water, then it would have to increase in unique handmade design more unique way, adding more unique beauty spray pressure lines of different shapes or pipes effect for the manufacturing process labor pool culture, to increase...
Learn ecological garden founta
For ecological garden, the Japanese pay more attention to the site using the geographical area of the flat area demand, so the man-made landscape project can be increased in a different path more beautiful landscape design fountain pump design route,...
Cold fog equipment manufacture
For installation in the garden or scenic environments that can increase the use in the manufacture mist stationary, increase in installed or control environmental disinfection work with a safer use, promoting safer sex in the manufacture of fog...
On a different level fountain
For making waves in the minimalist design approach can improve the landscape design of the fountain imposing more magnificent landscape, promoted in different water attractions designed to bring the water in the position of mobile design more IGRS...
Fountain pipeline rational eco
Waterscape fountain usually refers to technology under artificial form, but when it comes to the design of the fountain on the pipeline issue. As the water to form the shape of a variety of settings, you need to transport water through a pipe, so the p...
Principle Analysis: Why water
He watched the magnificent fountains, whether you would like to ask the mystery, in the end the water can become eye-catching landscape. Musical fountain design company says, have to start to analyze from its principles. Water fountain shape is formed,...
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